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Ceiling Texturing Services

If you are looking for a company that provides professional texture applications for your ceiling, look no further than Transylvania Preda Professional Painting. Whether you’re looking for an orange peel knockdown texturing or the popular popcorn ceiling textures, we’re the team for you. Call us at (780) 880-7789 today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Ceiling Texturing Services

Add Character to Your Home with Ceiling Texturing Services

As recently as the mid-20th century, homes were built and designed with a variety of creative flourishes that improved the household on multiple levels. Walk around an early 20th century home, and you’ll find crown moldings, gorgeous bannisters, and so much more.

Over the decades, people have started to build affordable homes without these flourishes. In other cases, the older homes from yesteryear had these unique characteristics replaced with the trappings of modern households.

For those who are looking for an affordable way to introduce that classic sensibility into their home, there is one excellent and affordable option: Ceiling textures. And for expert selections and applications, they contact Transylvania Preda Professional Painting.

We Are the Ceiling Contractors You Can Count On

With our knack for translating the tastes of clients into picture-perfect ceiling textures, you simply can’t go wrong with our services. When we’re at the helm of your ceiling remodel, you can rest easy knowing that the finished product will be nothing short of a work of art.

With our services, you can always expect a competitive rate and a variety of styles, designs, and application techniques to choose from.

Customization of Your Ceiling Texture Services

You won’t have to worry about us charging you while we take a moment to acquaint ourselves with your creative vision. With us, the first consultation is obligation-free! We won’t start charging you until we begin sourcing the materials for your project.

Asbestos-Free Textured Ceiling Products and Treatments

In the past, popcorn ceiling materials contained asbestos. These days, companies know better than to use those sorts of products. Rest assured, all our materials are asbestos-free.

We Promise Fast Turnarounds on All Ceiling Services

When we’re overseeing the application of your ceiling textures, you won’t have to worry about us taking long. We’ve refined our craft to a science. We’re always thinking several steps ahead.

Textured Ceiling: Make Your Room Look New Again

Much like how a single accent wall or a change in drapery can alter your room’s atmosphere, an application of ‘Border’-style textures or customized designs can turn your drab room into the penthouse of a Parisian hotel.

Ceiling Re-Texturing Courtesy of Us: Repairs, Touch-Ups, and More!

With our repair services, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the repaired area will match the surrounding areas perfectly.

Book Our Ceiling Texturing Services

To begin your no-obligation consultation today, all you have to do is call us at (780) 880-7789. We look forward to collaborating with you on your dream home.

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