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Cabinet Refinishing

Are you sick of how your kitchen cabinets look? Maybe you just want a quick and stress-free way of improving your bathroom cabinet’s appearance. Or perhaps you just want to add a new layer of color and style to your kitchen cabinets that won’t end up breaking the bank? Whatever your individual circumstances, there is never a bad reason to invest in Transylvania Preda Professional Painting’s top-quality cabinet refinishing service. By combining years of cabinetry experience with the latest repair and remodeling techniques, there is no challenge too big or task too small for our skilled team of experts. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled craftsmen or to simply learn more about the service we offer.

Wall Painting

Cabinet Re-Dooring

If you are looking to add immediate value to your home without making a major change, then you could do a lot worse than investing in a quality cabinet re-dooring service from Transylvania Preda Professional Painting. As the name suggests, cabinet re-dooring is nothing more than the simple act of replacing the doors and drawer fronts of your cabinets with new ones that are color-matched and designed to blend in with and compliment your existing cabinet blocks. This simple process may not seem like much but the results can be transformative for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. If you are unsure if cabinet re-dooring is the right choice for you, then the following points are worth considering:

  • The simple fact of the matter is that if your cabinet’s doors are in solid, working condition, and you are happy with their color scheme, then a strong and cohesive re-dooring job could help enhance your cabinets’ style without making lasting alterations.
  • If you are operating on a budget, then cabinet re-dooring could be the perfect choice for you. In comparison to cabinet door replacement, re-dooring is relatively inexpensive. In fact, on average, re-dooring could end up costing you 75% less than it would to have your cabinet’s doors replaced.
  • If you have time sensitivities that you need to adhere to then cabinet re-dooring could be the perfect choice for you. In general, our cabinet re-dooring work usually takes anywhere from one to three working days. This means that you can fully freshen up how your kitchen looks in time for an upcoming dinner party or holiday gathering.
  • Finally, if you are an eco-conscious homeowner, then re-dooring your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is far more environmentally friendly than replacing them. After all, by ensuring that your existing cabinet boxes aren’t sent to the landfill, as well as guaranteeing that extra materials aren’t wasted in the production of new doors, means that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you aren’t hurting mother nature.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, every cent counts. That is why to ensure you receive the best possible service you need to choose Transylvania Preda Professional Painting’s tried and trusted approach. With a wealth of experience, there is very little that we can’t do. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for second-best when the number one team is here and available for you to use. Call us today, to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled and certified team members. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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